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Les Amis du Vin

LADV is a non-profit organization that is formed to bring the story of wine to the novice and experienced wine consumer. Through tastings, virtual and live, meals, trips, classes, meetings and related experiences, the LADV is reborn to maximise the experience of wine.

In the 1970’s, LADV was a world wide group of enthusiasts. Chapters throughout the world held meetings, tastings, contests, dinners, and wine trips to educate all levels of wine enthusiasts. Today’s LADV has much of the same features with the addition of virtual tastings, wine education classes and greater reach to create a new updated version.


it has history, it has romance, it has mystique, it has respect. 


Our Mission

The pursuit of knowledge of wine should be a collective pursuit. The experience and discussion of wine can be at all levels of intellect, experience and desire. In other words, one does not need to be an expert in Burgundy to have a conversation of Burgundy…one can listen and learn while engaging in a glass with others that may have more experience. One does not have to spend $500/bottle on a First Growth Bordeaux to get a glimpse of the true value of a good glass of Bordeaux. One thing for sure….you can only read about wine so much; without tasting wine in the company of others who have the same passion to learn, it is surely fruitless education . The mission of Les Amis Du Vin is to provide the platform in which anyone can participate, learn and come to respect a properly made glass of wine.


"….and so, I think if you think of re-launching Les Amis Du Vin a little chapter that it would do very well…..do progress on the Les Amis Du Vin idea"

– The late great Steven Spurrier


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As part of the agricultural industry, we fully depend on our surrounding, just as it depends on us. That’s why we grow our produce organically and sustainably. Over the past decades the carbon footprint of the winery has been positive, which is something we’re really proud of.